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It may sound simple, but it’s a really good tip to adopt! Watching and waiting will give your child:

  • Time to work out the meaning of what you have said.

  • Time to plan what to say.

  • Time to organise thoughts and words.

You should pause after speaking to your child (try counting to 5 or 10 in your head). Most adults only give a child about a second to respond before they start talking again!

  • When you ask your child to do something, PAUSE for 3/4 seconds to see what they do.

  • When you tell your child something, PAUSE for 3/4 seconds to wait for their reaction.

  • When you ask your child a question, PAUSE for 3/4 seconds to wait for their reply.

  • When your child has something to say, PAUSE to give them a chance to get their words out.

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