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We've put together some of our most asked questions. If this page doesn't cover what you need, let us know

  • Parents: "What happens next?""
    Once we have received the referral form and consent form from your child’s school, we will offer your child an initial appointment so we can discuss your child’s needs and how we can help you and your child. Nicky West (Speech & Language Consultant) will visit your child at school and carry out a communication assessment. This may include taking a case history and carrying out appropriate formal and/or informal assessments. Nicky will then write a report for you about your child’s communication skills. If the assessment visit highlights that your child has speech and /or language needs, Nicky will; make recommendations, devise a therapy programme, advise appropriate strategies specifically tailored to your child’s skills, interests and needs to help support your child to develop their speech, language and communication skills to their full potential.
  • Parents: "How frequent are the therapy sessions?""
    As every child is different the amount can vary from a few sessions to several blocks of therapy sessions. This will be detailed in your child’s initial assessment report. Your child may require direct or indirect therapy input from the New Options team as well as additional therapy support sessions from specifically trained teaching staff at your child’s school to ensure they get the right type and right amount of support.
  • Parents: "Where will the therapy take place?""
    Therapy sessions are held at your child’s school/nursery setting.
  • Parents: "Can I come to my child’s appointments?""
    Of course! You are always welcome at any appointment we have with your child. (Please contact us to arrange a specific appointment time). It can be really helpful for you to see how we support your child’s speech and language skills through play and games… we can also offer guidance and activity ideas so you can consolidate therapy aims at home.
  • Parents: "Can I still access my local NHS Speech Therapy service?""
    Absolutely. Everybody should have access to an NHS therapist. If you choose to have both an NHS therapist and New Options, we offer to work closely with your NHS therapist to ensure we best meet your child’s needs. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about how we work alongside other agencies.
  • Parents: "What will speech and language therapy cost?""
    If the referral is made to us by a staff member at your child’s school – your school will pay for your child’s therapy sessions so there is no direct charge for you to pay.
  • Schools: “How much input would we need?”
    This depends on what type of support your school requires. We offer a complimentary one-off consultation session where we can work with the Senior Leadership Team/SENDCO in your school to identify the most effective way to work together.
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