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This is the best way for you to talk to help your child’s learning:

  • It will help your child to understand what you say more easily.

  • It will help your child to learn the meaning of words.

  • It will show your child how to put sentences and phrases together.


You should:

  • Think about what your want to say to your child.

  • Think about how to say it in short, simple sentences and phrases.

  • Stress the main words (we’ve underlined them in the examples below).

  • If your child is already talking, use sentences or phrases 1/2 words longer than those he or she is using.

Instead of saying: ‘If we hurry, we might be able to catch the bus’       

You could say: ‘Hurry up’, ‘The bus comes soon’.


Instead of saying: ‘Before you eat your cake, you have to finish your dinner’

You could say: ‘Dinner first’. ‘Cake later’.


Instead of saying: ‘I wonder what Grandma will bring you in her bag when she comes today’

You could say:‘Grandma’s coming today’. ‘What’s in her bag?’.

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