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Speech and language specialists - for schools that want results


at our heart

We build educational partnerships offering timely intervention, training, and support to schools and students aged 3-18. We strive to unlock students' potential and set them on a journey towards effective communication. By empowering students’ with a voice we improve confidence, mental health, and opportunities later in life.

Proud partners

We are now proudly partnered with over 10 schools across Hull and East Yorkshire.

We realise the importance for children to get early intervention for their speech language and communication needs, so we make sure we see children as soon as we can.

Early intervention

is key

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seriously fun

We believe in making communication fun by using gamification to help development, personalising strategies, and balancing targets to suit students’ strengths and needs.



highly rated

“Since engaging with New Options, speech and language is now one of our strengths as a school. We are extremely happy with the service!”

Join our speech and language support groups 

We have created four different support groups, each focused on an area of speech and language therapy that your child may be receiving. We post regular resources to help to improve your child's skills from the comfort of your own home. Join today and share ideas and questions with other parents. 

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